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Why embiodiagnostics

εμβιοδιαγνωστική φιαλίδιο

Embiodiagnostics provides personalized approaches based on targeted genetic analysis. Embiodiagnostics excels because:

Addresses effectively and efficiently the practical needs of health professionals. In Embiodiagnostics, we are focusing on genetic factors (eg gene polymorphisms, epigenetic modifications, microRNAs) that are not only of prognostic value but have direct applications to human health. We are bound by our desire to provide practical solutions and therefore we implement pilot studies involving health professionals and leading scientists prior to broadly disseminating a product or service. In this way, we apply the necessary modifications and ensure the practical application of our products

Applies modern and reliable technologies. We work with leading institutions in Greece and abroad and offer the highest standards in methodology and unique validated services of high quality in genetic profiling. We utilize sophisticated infrastructure and continuously monitor the reliability of our results

Conforms with the regulations of the National and the European bioethical, commercial and corporate Legislation.